About Us

What is Ribbons & Vows?

Ribbons & Vows based in Birmingham UK - is a small gifting and event stationery company founded by ambitious sisters Anika and Monica. 

We believe that you should love what you gift and get your special people feeling excited over what they receive, at an affordable price.

We take our own experiences, enthusiastic ideas and creativity and transform them into unique, handmade, beautiful and useful gifts and event stationery with you special people in mind.

How Ribbons & Vows happened?

Ribbons & Vows 'aha' moment came when Monica got married in May 2017 (yipee!). And who better to have as Maid of Honour, her sister and best friend Anika. Their year quickly turned into busy schedules, exciting ideas and big dreams.

For Anika it was crunch time, a few weeks before three hens (yes three, spoilt right?!) when she realised how tricky it was to find gifts that were not generic and tacky. She wanted unique, modern and personalised gifts that she could feel excited to give and get Monicas special people feeling loved and giddy.

After weeks of tedious searching the internet and hours of DIY-ing Anika designed gifts that she could be head-over-heels proud of - and one year later that is how Ribbons & Vows was born.

Why choose Ribbons & Vows?

Your special people are your nearest and dearest, from childhood besties, your problem solvers to the only girls that know how to make you giggle until you can't breathe. 

So the last thing you want in lead up to your event is to be wasting important hours running around sourcing gifts and DIY-ing while you could be doing the fun stuff shoe shopping, relaxing and prosecco'o'clocking (the list is endless).

Leave us to finding the edge of the cellotape (annoying right?!), imagining, planning, ribbon tying, personalising and overall sprinkling of magic and motivation until every single one of you special people get awesome and beautiful gifts that light up any event.